A Good CUP, Inc. is committed to a global community founded in collaboration and co-empowered leadership. We passionately support restoration of women by coming alongside them to meet their individual needs in functional and realistic ways. Our mission is committed to provide social services in the form of clothing, food, shelter, medical, education, vocational support and any other assistance needed to sustain and rebuild a community of women. We create an environment where personal dignity and cultural change mutually support each other in the context of the community through tangible ways.

Working towards self-sufficiency and restoring integrity in order to enable and nurture them towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle and maintain a sense of well-being and self-worth. A Good CUP, Inc. strives to bring about this life changing transformation in these women who have no voice and no rights. The women continue to exist in oppression and pain, having fallen through the cracks. These are the unnoticed and invisible women in small communities that have been neglected and are waiting for someone to offer a ‘cup’ of relief. Additionally, we are committed to sharing the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ and Christian values to address and accommodate the emotional and spiritual needs of these women.

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